National Food Bloggers Bake Sale


Just this week I read the book A Child called “It” (Yes, I ‘m a few years late on reading it).  Honestly, I don’t know what took me so long to read the book.  The book is about a young boy who is being emotionally and physically abused.  One of the forms of abuse was starvation. But, I don’t want to give away the whole book to the 10 people that haven’t read the book.  Let’s just say the book is very touching and sad.

To think that any child is going hungry is extremely heartbreaking.  Whether the child is being starved or their family doesn’t have the money to feed them, it should not be tolerated.  No child should EVER have to go hungry!

Where is this going you ask? Well, I’m a Tweeter!  Which means that I am constantly checking my Twitter for new updates.  The other day CB of I Heart Food 4 Thought updated her status saying she has a new post.  Naturally, I click on the link and read her blog.  To make a long story short Gaby of What’s Gabby Cooking is setting up a National Food Bloggers Bake Sale which is apart of  The Great American Bake Sale to help end Childhood Hunger.

What exactly is The Great American Bake Sale?

Share Our Strength’s Great American Bake Sale is a national effort that encourages Americans to host bake sales to help end childhood hunger. Since 2003, more than 1.3 million people have participated in Great American Bake Sale, raising $6 million. (source)

What can you do to help?

CLICK HERE to see if there is a bake sale in your area.  I have already contacted Anita of Dessert First to ask her what I can bring to the bake sale on April 17th at Omnivore Books in San Francisco.  If you have time please stop by and buy some goodies.  The bake sale is from 12pm – 3pm.

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