Monday Again… Ugh, My Favorite Day Of The Week

Chocolate Macarons With Nutella Filling

How can it be possible that it is Monday already?!?  Why does the weekends always go by so fast?

I feel like I have been in food bliss a walking food coma since last week.  Easter dinner definitely didn’t help my situation.  Which by the way, I hope you all had a fantastic Easter.  I know, we did!  I cooked up a storm for my hubby, kids, aunt, cousin, sister and her BF (My parents and other sister are out of town).  I made ham, green beans with bacon and onions, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese and chocolate macarons with Nutella filling.  I am pretty sure I will be having the same things for breakfast, lunch and dinner today and possibly tomorrow.

Cupcake Monday

These were the place cards I made.  I got the idea from here.  I did switch it up by placing the egg on a mini cupcake.

This is Parrish’s name card at the kids table.

I went to happy hour and dinner (Another contributor to my food coma) last Friday with a few friends.  While at dinner Auntie Becks (Christine’s mom) mentioned macarons.  So, I told her I would make her some macarons and bring them to her the next day at dim sum (Once again why I am in a food coma).  So, I set out on Saturday to buy eggs and I made the first batch.  Unfortunately, I didn’t wait long enough for the cookies to cool down and I messed them up. *hanging my head in shame*  I showed up to dim sum macaronless.

After dim sum and massages (The massage is also known as ”The best $20 I have ever spent!”) I went back home and tried again.  This time I waited and they turned out fine.  I fill a few with Nutella and place them in a tupperware to bring to Christine that night at dinner (Are you getting why I am in a food coma?).  Babe and I get in the car to meet everyone for dinner in Berkeley for his birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY again BABE!) and half way there I realize I forgot the damn macarons!! *kicking myself* Once again, I showed up macaronless.  It wasn’t a total loss since I got to eat them. ;)

Sorry, Auntie Becks!!  I promise to make you another batch. *taking a bite of macaron*

Chocolate Macarons With Nutella Filling
Chocolate Macarons With Nutella Filling

To make the macarons take the original recipe (CLICK HERE for the original recipe) and take out 3 tablespoons of powdered sugar and replace with 3 tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa (Dutch processed cocoa preferred) and omit the coffee sprinkles if you want. 

After the cookies have cooled all the way fill with Nutella.  I have found that if you put the baked ufilled cookies in the fridge overnight the texture of the cookies are better, but make sure to wrap them in saran wrap.


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