How To Make Mario And Luigi Goodie Bags? My personal Guide

Super Mario craft bag

….denim, denim, denim!  HA!  {Slapping my knee laughing}  Do you get it?  NO?!?  It’s supposed to sound like the Mario song and they wear denim overalls.  Do you get it now?

Parrish’s Mario And Luigi Craft Goodie Bags

Super Mario craft bag

Supplies Needed:

Red and White Felt

Felt Glue

Honeycomb Reusable Bags

Downloadable Mario Font

Trace circles

Trace circles on the white felt and cut out.  I used a Tupperware lid.

Super Mario font

Print out a letter “M” using the Mario font and cut it out.  I used font size 200.

Trace the letter “M” onto the red felt and cut out.

Glue the letter “M” onto the circle.

Glue the letter

Glue the circle onto the center of the bag.

TADA!!  The finished product.

 Final Result - Super Mario bag

“Where did you get those cute little Mario figures?” you ask.  Well, my sister Ariel (my hand model for this post) printed them out from CUBEECRAFT.  All she did was print it on cardstock paper, cut it out and assembled it.

I will be using these cute little cube characters for Parrish’s birthday.  I have an idea of what I will be using them for, so look out for them on a future post. Check out my other DIY guides here.

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