Deep Fried Oreos Puffs – Family Favorite

Deep Fried Oreo Bites

This is an example of what happens when I am bored….

Funnel Cake Mix

funnel caked covered oreos (a.k.a. deep fried oreos)

I don’t know how these things happen, they just do.

Oreos Cookies

I had a bucket of funnel cake mix that I ordered from my son’s fundraiser back in December and I knew that I just had to use it.   It’s was calling my name.

There was no expiration date on the package (that I could see) so I figured it was still good to use.  My kids and I didn’t get sick so I assume that I was right about the mix ;) .

I mixed the funnel cake mix according to the directions and noticed that the mix was very thick and dry, so I added more water to get the consistency I wanted.

Don’t have funnel cake mix handy, check out this funnel cake recipe.

Deep Fried Oreo Cookies

Then, I took a package of Oreos and dipped them in funnel cake batter until it was fully coated.

I fried them up in 1/2 inch of preheated oil in a skillet until golden brown on both sides.

Oreo Bite

This is what I got.  Not bad for being bored.

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